Best SEO tips and trends to look out for in 2020

by Cody Steel

The best SEO strategies to top the SERP’s in 2020 With the start of every New-year, it is a time to start with better optimization for the respective fields. Well, the SEO trends have become hard to decode as the users have lots of accesses and filters and ranking on the first page of the search engine is not that easy as it looks.

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Is BERT a ladder to success for SEO strategies? In 2019 Google launched a new algorithm called BERT to optimize the search feed on its search engine pages. Since 2019 many people started to search on how to streamline BERT on SEO pages.

We instead suggest concentrating more on one of the pages of Kelly Stanze, who is a famous SEO strategist. One of the best lines for Kelly Stanze is looking more for user-optimization strategies and making technical content stronger and efficient for better results.

In another and more straightforward way, Kelly Stanze believes more in reassessing the content for better user aligning.

Content is crucial Stanze also added that mechanics of arranging content in an indexed and strategist way is vital. Due to the increase of having excessive user access and search optimizations, an SEO specialist needs to work harder on the architecture and content delivery.

Keywords from Eli Schwartz According to Eli Schwartz, one of the critical members of the SEO specialists and growth consultant and advisor stated that Google has shifted from simple string matching to intent matching due to the involvement of featured snippets and BERT algorithm.

The writers have to focus on content from scratch and not only on user searched taglines, or key-phrases said Eli Schwartz. Google has started moving on suggested strategies of surfers who have queries related to the content. In a small way, the 2020 SEO strategies have to move in more customers oriented and have to move out from their systems and ask their customers for their needs.

High-quality content is a necessity Content is everything from niche to the type of links the company built for ruling the SEO pages. Tony Wright, the CEO of Wright MIC, believes that to win the search engine pages in 2020, the people have to concentrate more on content creation and intent matching.

According to Wright, the day is not far when the sites with the best content will rule the SEO pages and sites compromising with the content will find them back on the Google search engine pages. The digital marketing companies have to concentrate and develop their writing department or can hire people who know how to write. Making the best content is crucial, and hence people having their web-topic entertaining will stand for Google proofing business.

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