Month: March 2020

Top facts which make the dentists in Canada special

by Cody Steel

The reason behind the success of the dentist in Canada The dentists in Canada come in the ace community and are also the high tax paying citizens of the country. The dentists practicing in Canada can develop well both economically and socially. The main reason for the development is the social structure of Canada, which offers equal opportunity to all the fields to flourish, respectively. Famous Dentist in Stoney creek, Ontario, are creating core relations with the population due to the increase in several people who love to take care of their oral health. The factor is there are fewer dental surgeons in Canada, which makes the competition completely low. Also, one can find out more about why Canada is the best place for all the Dentists seeking to practice abroad.

How to settle as a dentist in Canada? The process of settling as a dentist in Canada can be daunting for the people without any specific guidance, and hence we can help all the people out here surfing on how to settle in Canada with a dental degree. As previously said, the process can be daunting but will also produce equal benefits and rewards in the hands of the dentists.

The NDEB Equivalency process According to the NDEB board, the Indian dental degree is nonaccredited. Hence, before applying for a license to operate in Canada, dentists have to pass the NDEB Equivalency process. Once the dentist covers the NDEB equivalency processes, then they are qualified enough for the NDEB written test.

Listed below are the steps or the guide to pass the NDEB proficiency test

  • The candidates willing to work as dentists in Canada have to attend the self-assessment quiz online from their respective centers where they can enroll and apply for the test.
  • The candidates have to fill the application form for the NDEB equivalency process and submit all the documents before the commencement of the exams. One can find the submission dates and exam schedule on the official website of the NDEB.
  • One of the documents is verified; the student is given three hours to get prepared for the exams. The student has to complete the exam within three hours. The exam pattern will be 150 multiple choice questions decorated by the NDEB board. Every student has to score a minimum of 75 or more to get qualified and attend the next step of the process. The dentist can appear for the exam only three, and no more chances will be availed based on the rules formulated by the NDEB board. In this test, the fundamental knowledge of the student appearing as a dentist in Canada is tested.
  • In the assessment of the clinical knowledge, the test is three hours long and divided into two sections of long multiple-choice questions. The same as the fundamental knowledge, no more than three attempts would be entertained.

The test is hard to clear but with enough preparation, everything can be achieved in a positive way.

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