FCMHS Strategic Plan

The Primary Value and Supporting Principles

 In the conduct of our Mission we adhere to a set of values and principles that guide our decisions in the setting of our strategic directions, in developing our operational plans and in the conduct of our day-to-day activities.

One overarching VALUE guides us in all our actions decisions and the assessment of results: 

  • Client/Consumer Excellence Focus: We respect the dignity and worth of the individuals on whose behalf we are mandated to serve. We respect their right to expect service excellence and that we will use whatever resources and means available to facilitate their ability to become active, contributing members of the Frontenac community. 

 The Client/Consumer Excellence Focus is supported by a set of PRINCIPLES that will be a part of all that we do:

  • Stakeholder Focus: The needs and requirements of people with a severe and persistent mental illness are complex and varied. Partnerships and alliances with other stakeholders are key to facilitating success in our Mission and the ultimate realization of our Vision.


  • Organizational Excellence Focus: Our staff, their skill sets, the way that they are organized and administrative supports are critical elements in achieving success in our Mission. We are committed to ensuring that the client is being served by an organizational system where our professionals have the skills and expertise that can marshal all the necessary resources thereby achieving success in our Mission.


  •  Strategic Directions Focus: We are committed to an energizing and visionary leadership. One that is dedicated to service excellence, continuous quality improvement, adaptation to change and evidence based decision-making..




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