FCMHS Strategic Plan

Strategies For Success 

Strategy 1 - Client/Consumer Focus 

1.1 Programs and Services

Over the next three to five years FCMHS will ensure that the primary focus of the agency’s programs and services is one of recovery, based on the principles of psychosocial rehabilitation.

This sharpening of focus may require adjusting some programs and services as well as strengthening practices and skill sets in other areas.

All efforts will be made to ensure that evidence based Best Practices are in place. Approaches will be made with the post secondary institutions in Kingston regarding partnering and alliances in the pursuit of relevant research projects that will aid us in contributing to the Best Practice inventory.

Additional partnerships and alliances will be undertaken with other community stakeholders to ensure that all available community resources are marshaled in the pursuit of the recovery goal.

1.2 Client/Consumer Group

 Consultations will be held with our community-based partners to ensure that we are giving priority to those most in need.


Strategy 2 - Stakeholder Focus

2.1 Partnerships and Alliances

 The road to recovery of those with a serious and persistent mental illness is complex and the needs are numerous. All available resources of the community are required to assist the individual in becoming an active and participating member of the Frontenac community. Both social and medical interventions and supports are required for a person with a serious and persistent mental illness. To this end we will seek out and use every available resource in our community to ensure that we achieve success in our mission. Partnerships and alliances with other service providers will be a cornerstone of our approach.  Medical, social, research and educational partnerships and alliances will be entered into to achieve our end goal while maintaining our perspective as a community based service provider.  

 2.2 Community Profile

 Beyond partnerships and alliances within the healthcare, social, educational and research communities there is a broader community that lacks a full and complete understanding of the person with a serious and persistent mental illness. People still have persisting fears concerning those with whom we work.

Better education and understanding is required if trust and support for our activities is to be garnered in the Frontenac community. We will undertake a broad based community education and support initiative that will seek to raise the understanding and support of not only our programs and services but direct support in facilitating the recovery of those with a serious and persistent mental illness. Kingston and Frontenac County will become a model community in supporting those with a serious and persistent mental illness in becoming active and participating members of the community.

Strategy 3 – Organizational Excellence Focus

3.1 Management Infrastructure

 FCMHS has grown significantly over the past several years. It is and will be an increasingly complex organization to manage at all levels. To this end we will be ensuring that our leadership and management practices will be above reproach and current with leading edge practice.

3.2 Clinical Infrastructure

We will be examining our approach to staffing needs, recruitment and staff development to ensure that we have amongst our staff the necessary skill sets to achieve success in our mission.

 Given the nature of the fiscal environment and the availability of highly trained specialists in mental health this strategy will be worked out with the support and cooperation of government, other health care organizations, post secondary resources and the community at large.

 Over the next three to five years we will be upgrading the professional qualifications of our staff through a variety of initiatives. We will be looking for support for in-service training in partnership with the post-secondary facilities in Kingston as well as the hospital community. We will be looking to the MOHLTC to support us in recruiting qualified staff with salaries that are competitive with other health care professionals in the area.

3.3 Resources Infrastructure

 An immediate review of our fiscal position will be undertaken to determine pressure points on a short, medium, and long-term basis. Strategies will be determined to deal with these pressure points with a view to long-term sustainability.

 Options will be determined for the development of alternative funding strategies that will include some form of fund raising to assist with emergency and developmental situations and opportunities. In addition we will develop an investment strategy for income in excess of our present needs.

 3.4 Technology Infrastructure

 If we are to be fully accountable to the public whose funds are committed to us we must have the information available that can account for our actions, decisions and results.

To this end, over the next three to five years, we will be developing leading edge information systems and data bases that will meet the demands and needs of these various other components and factors that make up our environment. We will work with our other key stakeholders in our community to seek the most desirable solutions for our purposes.


Strategy 4 – Strategic Directions Focus

4.1 Strategic Review Process

 Time will be set aside each year by the Board and Agency staff to undertake a full status review of our Strategic Plan with a view to making the necessary adjustments due to whatever circumstances. It is not anticipated that the Mission or Vision will vary over our three to five year planning horizon but rather there may be some adjustments in our strategies at the operational level

 4.2 Business Planning Cycle

We will introduce a three-year business planning process that will flow directly from our Strategic Plan. This goals, objectives and projects incorporated in this document will be based directly on the Strategic Plan. It will encompass the requirements and priorities of our funding partners which in turn may vary from our priorities.  



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