Assertive Community Treatment Teams

The Assertive Community Treatment Teams provide intensive support and comprehensive treatment to individuals diagnosed with severe and persistent mental illness, through flexible and mobile community-based services. There are two teams associated with FCMHS:

  • Frontenac Assertive Community Treatment Team
  • North Shore Assertive Community Treatment Team

Assertive Community Treatment Team Features

  • Multi disciplinary team work
  • Staff to client ratio of 1 to 10 or lower
  • 24 hours a day / 7 days a week
  • Individualized assessment and flexible treatment and service planning
  • Psychiatric treatment
  • Supportive counselling
  • Direct assistance with medication and symptom management, medication monitoring and support, medical referrals
  • Assistance obtaining and meeting basic needs
  • Creating a supportive social environment
  • Direct teaching/management of life skills and skills development
  • Assertive outreach, client advocacy
  • Rapid and flexible responses to crises
  • Partnerships with family members and significant others - education and support of family members
  • Commitment to remain involved and supportive of the client for as long as the need exists
  • Purpose: to improve the client's quality of life

What We Offer

The programs are called Assertive Community Treatment Teams (ACTT) and are modeled after the Programs for Assertive Community Treatment (PACT model) which originated in Madison, Wisconsin founded by Dr. Leonard Stein and Marianne Test. The Team recognizes client strengths and assists in maximizing independence. Once identified, the client needs are met with care and dignity, in an proactive manner. Services to each individual vary in type and intensity and have no predetermined end point.

As part of a comprehensive community based agency, clients have ready access to FCMHS services which may meet their goals. Staff liaise closely with other community resources and professionals in the field and assist clients in their use of these services.

The ACTT teams acknowledge that treatment may be a life long process. The team utilizes a pro-active approach to enable clients and family members to meet their support needs and reach full potential.

ACTT team members are available to provide education and support as needed. Team members encourage family involvement in treatment planning or linking with self-help organizations and other support services where applicable.

Multi-Disciplinary Team

The membership of ACT Teams consists of representatives of most if not all of the following disciplines: Nursing, Social Work, CDS (Concurrent Disorders Specialist), Vocational Therapy, Recreational Therapy, Occupational Therapy , Behavioural Therapy, Psychiatry and Peer Support.

How to Apply for Services

For further information or to access the ACTT Program contact the Intake/Crisis Team at (613) 544-1356.

The criteria for people using the service is as below:

  • Resident of Frontenac County
  • 16 years of age or older
  • Individuals diagnosed with severe and persistent mental illness that seriously impairs their ability to function in community living. 
  • Priority is given to people with schizophrenia, bipolar mood  disorder and other psychotic disorders.
  • Individuals with significant functional impairments as demonstrated by at least one of the following conditions:
    • inability to consistently perform the range of practical daily living tasks required for basic adult functioning in the community (ie. recognizing  dangers/hazards to self, others and property)
    • inability to be consistently employed at a self-sustaining level or inability to consistently carry out self care and care of others (ie. meal prep., budgeting)
    • inability to maintain a safe living situation (ie. repeated evictions or loss of housing)
  • Individuals with one or more of the following indicators of continuous high service needs:

    • mental illness with a high use of acute psychiatric hospitals or psychiatric emergency services (ie. two or more admissions per year)
    • severe major symptoms (ie. psychotic, suicidal)
    • coexisting substance use disorder 
    • high risk or a recent history of criminal justice involvement (ie. arrest and incarceration) 
    • inability to meet basic needs
    • inability to benefit from traditional office based service
  • Individuals whose quality of life would be improved by receiving ACT services

For further information contact:

Frontenac Assertive Community Treatment Team

Phone (613) 544-4880
Fax (613) 544-2162

North Shore Assertive Community Treatment Team

Phone (613) 544-6225
Fax (613) 544-2162

There is no fee.




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